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Article: Muhammad Shareef Abbasi by Saleem Abbasi

IN LOVING MEMORY OF OUR BELOVED FATHER- MUHAMMAD SHARIF ABBASI By: Muhammad Saleem Abbasi The pain and grief of losing a loved one cannot be expressed in words. Writing few lines, discussing with someone can reduce the pain but can’t


DR. MUSTAFA KALHORO A boy later on famous with the name of Dr. Mustafa Hussain Kalhoro, Taagrraai, who was born in the house of Ustad Muhammad Mithal Khan Kalhoro an education Inspector of Khyrpur state, sindh Pakistan son of wadero

Article: NIAZ HUSAIN ABBASI-by Taagrraai

NIAZ HUSAIN ABBASI A gentle man who was famous as Niaz Husain Abbasi and well known as Abbasi sahib, was born in the house of Ustad Muhammad Mithal Khan Kalhoro (an education Inspector of defunct Khyrpur State) son of Wadero

Police Standing Orders-Dr. Mustafa Kalhoro Taagrraai

Police Standing Order The Standing Orders in Police are issued from Superintendent of Police to Inspector General of Police. Just we are discussing the following aspects of Standing Orders issued by the Inspector General of Police as Police Head of

Ustad Ali Madad Mangnejo: By Dr. Mustafa Kalhoro

Dewaar-e-Sindh (Ranni Kot)


BAGHDAD (AL-MANSOOR CITY) THE CITY OF ABBASIDS by: Dr Mustafa Kalhoro There are many cities on the earth which have their own glorious position in the map of the world. Baghdad is one of them. It was erected in 145

Jamia Masjid Abu Bakar Machi

Bhittai of 21st Century ‘Tajal Bewas’


SAMARRA CITY By: Dr. Mustafa Kalhoro Abbasi dynasty has given many cities that remained very legendary in the world especially in Arabian lot. Samara city has been capital of Abbasids after Baghdad.  As such Baghdad was first and foremost innovated