Article: Muhammad Shareef Abbasi by Saleem Abbasi



By: Muhammad Saleem Abbasi

The pain and grief of losing a loved one cannot be expressed in words. Writing few lines, discussing with someone can reduce the pain but can’t eliminate it. It remains always there, throughout the life. It is said that parents are great blessing of almighty Allah and there is no substitute of them, very true.

Your son’s (Saleem, Shoaib and daughters), we are writing these few lines in loving memory of our respected and beloved father, who left us about four months ago in 18th August 2014. Yes, it is his fourth month and these four months had been very hard without him. These contemptible lines are a slight effort in order to present Baba a tribute. We know, may not so impressive thoughts and words are nothing in front of Baba affection which he showered upon us. There are so many things we learnt from

Baba. He did not spend an easy life. His life was full of hardship and struggle but he faced every hard phase of life with courage and patience. We never heard Baba complaining but saw him very hopeful and positive towards life. Courage, patience, optimism, determination and constant struggle were incredible traits of his amazing personality. He had such a moderate attitude that success never made him proud and failure never made him hopeless.

Lastly, we want to say to our Baba that we always look up to you, you are our inspiration, and role model. We want to be like you, courageous, optimistic and very positive. We promise, no matter what happens we will never give up in life just like you.

We love you and miss you like anything. May Allah forgive your sins and grant you

Eternal Peace. Ameen!!